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Trafo Trafindo 800 kVA  6600V to 380V  Dyn 5
Trafo Trafindo 800 kVA  6600V to 380V  Dyn 5
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11 Des 2019
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Specification of Distribution Transformers 800 KVA Trafindo - Stepdown 6,600 KV / 380V - 3 Phase
PT Yokomindo Makmur Perkasa sells or rents Trafindo Brand Transformers to specifications




800 KVA
The voltage is 6,600 to 400V
Year 2014

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The above price is not a fix price, please contact PT Yokomindo Makmur Perkasa to make an offer

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Why should I choose PT Yokomindo Makmur Perkasa?

PT Yokomindo Makmur Perkasa has a lot of used and new transformer stock so consumers don't have to wait 1-2 months until the transformer is ready. It is very inefficient if the factory experiences a production stop with that time.

PT Yokomindo Makmur Perkasa guarantees the transformers that we sell, for the New Transformer we give 1 Year Warranty

PT Yokomindo Makmur Perkasa provides manufacturing Cubicle Medium Voltage (MVMDB) and Low Voltage (LVMDB) Panels if there is a need for additional power in your company.

PT Yokomindo Makmur Perkasa can improve your company's cos phi so that the power consumption is 99.99% in accordance with that provided by PLN

For other transformer stock specifications can be seen below:

TR 3P 4500 KVA - 20 KV / 400V
TR 3P 4000KVA 11KV / 400V
TR 3P 2500KVA 20 / 400V
TR 3P 2500KVA 13800 / 500V -> 20KV / 400V
TR 3P 2000KVA 20KV / 400V
TR 3P 2000KVA 20KV / 200V
TR 3P 2000 KVA 20 KV / 6.6 V
TR 3P 1750KVA
TR 3P 1600 KVA 20 / 400V
TR 3P 1600 KVA 20KV / 6.6V
TR 3P 1250KVA 20KV / 400V
TR 3P 1250KVA 20KV / 400V
TR 1P 1000KVA 20KV / 3.3
TR 3P 1000KVA 20KV / 400V
TR 3P 800 KV 20KV / 400V
TR 3P 630 KVA 20KV / 400V
TR 3P 500KVA 20KV / 400V
TR 3P 500KVA 6600 / 210V
TR 3P 500KVA 20KV / 220V
TR 3P 450KVA 3.3 / 450V
TR 3P 400 KVA 20KV / 400V
TR 3P 315KVA 6600 / 380V
TR 3P 315 KVA 3.3 / 220V
TR 3P 315 KVA 3.3 / 220V
TR 3P 300KVA 6.6 / 210V

Price Transformer Distribution Transformer 1600 KVA - Stepdown 20 KV / 400V - 3 Phase: Rp 110,000,000

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :

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