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Kabel NYAF 1 x 4 mm2 RED 0.6 1kV   100M   1 Roll
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03 Des 2018
1 Roll


NYAF 1 Core x 4 mm cable
1 Roll: 100 Meters

NYAF cable has a thick insulator of PVC material. This cable is quite flexible because it consists of fiber cables arranged per group. NYAF cable is used for the installation of electronic and electrical devices that require high flexibility. Examples of the use of this cable can be seen in telecommunications control panels, rectifiers, inverters, DCPDB, Central Digital Phones, Batteries, and Transmission Panels. Often also used for WIring in the Panel

PT Yokomindo provides various types of electrical components such as
- MCB (Circuit Breaker)
- MCCB (Circuit Breaker)
- ACB (Circuit Breaker)
- GCB (Circuit Breaker)
- VCB (Circuit Breaker)
- Transformer Stepup / Stepdown
- MVMDP (Medium Voltage) panel
- Pabel LVMDP (Low Voltage)
- Synchronize panel
- Lightning Arrester
- Cables
- inverter
and the need for electrical components and other electrical panels.

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