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Capacitor Bank Vishay 3P 415V 75kVAR - Oil & Open Type
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12 Mei 2020
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IDR 6.818.182


Vishay Oil & Open Type Capacitor Specifications
3P - 50 Hz
Voltage: 415V
Screen: 75 kVar

Why is it important to use capacitors? the capacitor will repair Cos Phi on the company / office electricity.
Do you know? If the Cos Cos building is below the number 0.85, PLN will provide a fine that is quite expensive. Bank Capacitor installation can maximize the use of power that we contract from PLN so that it does not cause an overload on the transformer that is installed but it can also reduce electric current so as to reduce losses in the cable.

So you should use a Bank Capacitor on the electricity network in your building is a very appropriate investment!

PT Yokomindo as an electrical contractor and panel maker can meet your needs in installing the electricity network. We can assemble Medium, Low, Synchronize and Capacitor Bank Panels in accordance with the specifications required by your building / factory

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PT Yokomindo also provides various types of electrical components such as
- Transformer
- MVMDP panel
- Pabel LVMDP
- Synchronize panel
- Lightning Arrester
- Cables
- inverter
and other electrical component requirements

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